Monday, March 4, 2013

We Are Stardust

I'm a science geek, so when I saw this post on Brain Pickings I had to share. The visuals are stunning. Of course they are recreations, but still.

This is a beautifully breathtaking "short film based on a combination of real NASA footage and science fiction imagery, celebrating the legacy of Voyager 1".

Dutch Designer and director Mischa Rozema says of the film:
I wanted to show the universe as a beautiful but also destructive place. It’s somewhere we all have to find our place within. As a director, making Stardust was a very personal experience but it’s not intended to be a personal film and I would want people to attach their own meanings to the film so that they can also find comfort based on their own histories and lives. (Stardust: A Mesmerizing Short Film About the Voyager 1 and the Wonder of the Universe)
The score is beautiful and haunting, if you would like to own it it's available from iTunes. All of the proceeds are going to the Dutch Cancer Society.

Photo: "Noche de luna llena - Full moon night" by Luz Adriana Villa A. License: Creative Commons Attribution 2.0. (I cropped the photo, but that was the only change.)

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