Thursday, March 14, 2013

Roger Ebert's Review Of The Believers

Roger Ebert, wow, that man can write!

I watched The Believers yesterday, it wasn't good. Wanting to share the pain, I read some reviews on IMDB and Ebert's stood out. He wrote:
I'm getting tired of the dingy tenements in Spanish Harlem with the blood-soaked chicken feathers on the floor, and the scenes where the shrink realizes he needs a witch doctor to save his child.

One thing you gotta say about Caribbean native religions: They don't inspire stories that could star Loretta Young. Most religious movies are about peace and love and friendship, and how one day all of humanity is going to hold hands and be brother and sister. Movies about Caribbean native religions are always about guys with blank eyes who stare at you for 10 seconds and you're volunteering to wring the chickens' necks yourself. (The Believers)
Question:  Have you seen a movie about Santeria or Voodoo that you would recommend?

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