Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Story Behind Stephen King's "Joyland" Hitting The Top Of The Charts

The Story Behind Stephen King's Book Joyland Hitting The Top Of The Charts

Stephen King is my favorite horror writer so I was fascinated by Kevin Quigley's article: How Stephen King’s Joyland Broke a Decade-Long Dry Spell and Dominated the Summer.

Kevin Quigley details Stephen King's rise on the charts, particularly the New York Times bestseller list for mass market paperbacks. Apparently Joyland is his first book to reach the top of that list in a great many years.

Kevin Quigley writes:
... King’s hardcovers have topped their chart nearly as regularly as he’s released them, but until very recently, King hadn’t had a paperback book hit the #1 spot since 2003 – and that was for the movie tie-in edition of Dreamcatcher, which stalled at #2 on its first chart run over a year prior. ...
. . . .
When Joyland entered the charts on June 23rd, it looked like business as usual, sliding in at #2 just below the newest Sylvia Day Crossfire novel ...
. . . .
After hitting #1 during the last week of June, Joyland managed to hold the top spot for five more weeks – all of July and the first week of August – before being pushed out by J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy. Even then, it managed to stay at #2, meaning that for its entire chart run, Joyland clung to one of the top two slots on the paperback chart.
All in all a fascinating article.

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