Thursday, August 1, 2013

Daily Update: Dryreach Prequel, First Draft, Done!

Writing Progress

Yesterday I wrote about 2,500 words, about 1,500 on the first draft of my Dryreach Prequel--which I finished--and 1,000 on the next story I'll be working on, tentatively titled Samantha.

Samantha is about a girl who learns she's half Fae after her father dies. It's about a lot more than that but I generally don't talk about my stories while I'm writing them, only afterward. I think Samantha will be either three interlinked novellas of 20,000 words or so, or it will be a novel.


I vaguely remembered my dream last night but I let it slip away. Grrrr ... I need to be more disciplined about writing them down.

I do remember that, a few days ago, I dreamt about the number 2376. Interesting number ...

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